About Me

Who Am I?

Well, I am a dude in Northern California who loves to spend time with his family and play competition recreational tennis. I have played tennis since I was a kid and at high school. I tried for Div I college tennis but the international guys were better than me so I was benched. So I now stay healthy and fit playing USTA tournaments and leagues in the Nor Cal area.

What am I doing here?

Over the years I have seen people suffering from tennis elbow and/or golfers elbow. I have seen them try variety of at home remedies and treatment to help recover from it. Few have gone to sports doctors when the at home remedies failed. They kept playing and the condition only worsened. At the end some of them either quit playing tennis for an extended period of time or some chose to go get surgery.

Eventually excessive tennis and a freak accident on court landed me in having my first occurrence of a tennis elbow. Like others I tried icing the tendon multiple times in the day, used a variety of anti-inflammatory creams and even ibuprofen to help with the pain. Eventually when nothing seemed to improve my condition I decided to do a comprehensive research on tennis elbow treatment/relief exercises. I knew I was not going to go for a surgery.

This embarked into a journey where I spent a lot time online exploring products, creams and advise on how to quickly recover from your sore elbow. Later on I thought it would be cool to have a site where a I can share my experience and guide others in the future. When I was doing my research online I had to go though a variety of sites. Most of them mainly dealt with what a tennis elbow is, and generic exercises and medicinal products that can help cope with the pain.

For the visitors to this site they will get information quickly on tennis elbow remedies that actually work and won’t have to spend long hours doing the same research that I have done.

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Penetrex Inflammation Formulation (Check out my review)

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Thera Flex Bar (Green) (Checkout my review)

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